Thursday, December 31, 2009

Personality Test

Click on my post title to try yours :)

This is mine, suprisingly, all of them are correct except that it states that I'm kind of a confident person :)

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:
You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

A Credit to Perulina

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30.12.1989 (2356)

Hehehe, nok wish hepi besday ko diri sendiri eh kejak, Hepi Besday Paih, semogo aku sentiaso dirahmati dan diberkati Allah, moga hadiah hari jadi aku tahun ini adalah lulus CAA6 one-go, Amin... buleh ko dok eh wish hepi besday ko diri sendiri? bia lah kalu dokleh pon, nok jugok.. hehe

Aku perase, follower aku ari tuh ado 25, pahtuh 24, pahtuh 23, pahtuh 24 balik, haha, nakal molek. Bia lah, dok pakso pon, sajo jah nok oyak.

Ado dale seminggu lagi nok exam besa nih, harap-harap bereh lah, kuat doh study lonih, tok tido sapa,

ok.. aku tipu..

tapi aku berharap aku dapat study sehingga dokleh tido laa, nih gak kuat bena tido, d only time aku bukok buku is in the class, other than in class, mapuh aku tok bukok buku, cuti 11 hari baru nih pon berlalu begitu sahaja.

Bercakap mengenai cuti 11 hari baru nih, aku gi KL, syok molek, ado laa pengalamey hok nok di share, tapi dok sempat lagi nok tulih, nih pon pinje broadband saeng kejak nih, dio pon dok bising doh nih mitok balik, nok main airline manager laa tuh..


Monday, December 21, 2009

Am I Still Like I Was?

It's been quite some time since I last updated my blog, today, the day seems cool with a little rain accompanying me in my bed, but suddenly I come across with a very sudden wake up call.

The CAA6 exam is just few days away, I am so worried about it, yet I can still be so lazy. I hope just after I posted this post, I am going to open some books to study, but my study moods is missing away, where are you? Don't worry, I'll find it and force it to be with me.

I just had a CPL exam, which is so called ATPL trial exam. Thank god, I managed to pass all those subjects, but for ATPL i think it's completely going to be a different story, sigh.

This Thursday, I'll make myself visible around KL as I am scheduled to renew my Medical certificate in Subang. Forgot to say, that I am now enjoying a-11-days holiday, when the holiday finish, I only have 7 days to prepare for my big exam.

Tuh jah laa kot, takdok gapo doh nok oyak, takut kaklos. Kalu fail hok nih gak berat laa

Friday, November 13, 2009


Dok spital pulok nih, this time is so different, aku raso sedih sangat. Tolong doa ko abah ambo etek deh

Friday, November 06, 2009


Sedak jugok dok spital, sehariye bermalamey, suasano pon sedak, ado sore pokcik nih nakal molek, tok kering gusi dok denga dio dok wat lawok, hahaha, sapa ado sore hok dok depe dio naik tekaney daroh sebab suko kuat dok oh, hahaha. Laughter is part of the medicine, isnt it? Respek laa tengok Doktor wat kijo, sedak jah tengok, sek doktor nih bijok, ngaji susoh po gapo, mujo laa dio minat nok jadi doktor, kalu ambo gak meme tok layok bena laa, so sebab bodo, so lagih sebab dokleh tengok daroh, pesey buleh, hehehe. 15 Dec nih gi pulok, haih nok dekat exam doh time tuh, tapi takpo lah.

Takdok nok oyak gapo doh laa, teringat pulok first time nulih di blog nih, almost a year doh, last year pon, suasano dio lebih kurey mace nih, hujey all the time. Ambo jupo muse dok minung air dale paga umoh ambo takdih, comey kaklos, muse pandey kot, dio cedero sket, takdih dio dok nusuk lua umoh, saknih gi tengok dio takdok doh.
muse pandey

Buat baik biar berpado, buat jahat jangey sekali. Kito napok mace tok brapo betol deh, buat gapo nok buat baik berpado-pado nyoh, tapi ado jugok betol nyoh, kito nih kno wat rilek jah., sebab nati kalu dok wat baik sangat kito akey expect something from them which is not always there. Supo jugok kalu gewe, toksoh dok heboh nga nyoho sangat laa, dok kaluk 'I Love You, You Love Me', sebab kalu anda-anda sumo nih perhati key, ore hok kaluk dok nyoho hubungey cinto dio tok kekal lah mano, wat rilek sudoh, toksoh laa dok nyoho dale facebook ko mano ko, ambo bercakap melalui pengalamey nih, tok tau lah nok oyak, tapi perati lah. And, I'm starting to lose respect to someone. Sori, sebenanyo malah nok nulih, tapi bia lah, daripado dok ssarey gituh jah, at least when i look at these posts someday, maybe 4,5 years nati, sengih sorey, tengok tok berapo matured nyoh ambo, hehehehe. Tok tau laa dok mano 4,5 years nati, ado ore kato ambo nih tok akey diambik oleh airline pon, sebab bodo sangat, AFI pon blom tentu, tengok la gano, sedak laa bokali jadi budok panda nih dok, buleh ngato kokre =)

Kecek pasa AFI, ado laa cito nih, hehehe, 'Setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua', anda kaitkan lah, kakaaka

Presentation hok ado 8 tuh, alhamdulillah laaa, settle doh 5, ado 3 lagi, harap-harap, so cancel, bia tinggal 2 doh laa. Ok la, enjoy the monsoon here in Kelate, hehe, how this monsoon occur? next post kot, hahaha

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tolong aku weh, gilo malah molek laa sero. takdok semangat nok wat kijo. tolong~!!! kijo byk nh, paih, jadi rajin gak etek, pahtuh kato nok jadi pilot

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tadi aku drop by kt forum FlyLah kejap, dah lama sangat tak menjejakkan kaki di forum-forum ni lepas FlyDamnIt tutup. Kesian aku tengok budak-budak yang eager nak jadi pilot, tapi tak ada peluang lagi untuk mencapai cita-cita, mungkin rezeki belum tiba. Aku rasa bersyukur gila dengan apa yang aku ada sekarang ni. Tiada apa yang boleh aku tolong melainkan mendoakan yang terbaik buat mereka.

Ada laa satu view jugak aku nk share kat sini, Interview perlu dibuat seketat mungkin, that is the only way to differentiate the one who is really passionate dengan yang main-main je. Ni kate minat aviation, 737 pon tak kenai, macam mana tuh, at least you must have something regarding the field that you are obsessing of.

Ada yang aku tengok dalam forum tuh berfikiran matured, bagus-bagus, orang macam ini la yang kita nak, dan ada juga orang 'ni' yang suka tunjuk pandai, suka sound orang, padahal info dia salah, bajet je, aku kenal dia ni, dulu sebelum aku masuk flying academy pun dah berapa kali kena sound dengan dia, sabar je la.

I, myself took 1 year and 2 months of waiting before being enrolled to flying academy. Once again, thank god and ALL THE BEST TO ALL ASPIRING PILOTS! pokyi, keep praying and waiting, hahaah.


Ok dear readers, here is the progress of my flying. I stopped flying about 2 months ago, just before Ramadhan month, I managed to clock 4 hours and 45 minutes where the last exercise was Climb and Descend (CND1/2), just after Straight and Level (SNL1/2). I guess we will be continuing flying after we finished CAA2 which is in the next year, on February. A very long way to go...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fukk.. opps.. Full

Now, I am already moving to the full-ground school phase, where there is no more time for me to enjoy and relax (which it is just to show how eager i am to study, heheh). As usual the classes are full 5 working days starting from 0815-1700, got a lot of homework, and the presentations, the one that i hate most. I have been given 7 presentations to do, right now 3 were done already, thank god.

The presentations are consist of:

1. English
2. Meteorology - Tropical Atlantic Climatology
3. Meteorology - Pampero Winds
4. Instrument - EFIS
5. Radio Aids - ACARS, SATCOM
6. Radio Aids - CRT
7. Radio Aids -

We have been starting this syllabus since 12th July and going to end this up on 22nd and 23rd December, where the CAA6 exams will be on that day. With a simple calculation, you know how long that we have to struggle with our mental and physical. The CAA6 syllabus should be just around 3 months, well I, myself not sure why does it take so long, I guess it is for our own good. Yes, there are about 9 weeks before we are going to sit for the exam, the 9 weeks sounds like a long period for those who already well prepared, but for me, it seems quite fast. Wish me luck, because I can't afford to fail this exam, since the JAA syllabus will be starting anytime soon.

There is a new batch coming in this 23rd November. Our batch will be probably moving to the Ridel or Bungalows, it is not yet confirmed. Till then see ya.

Anyone knows what is the exact reason why all the Eagles aircraft are being grounded?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


aaahh, very long time not posting here... guess what? i'm struggling with the pressure and stress, yet, still i have plenty of time to be on facebook :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


i love her.. miss her.. but does she notice?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat Berpuaso lah adik kakok wei, mogo-mogo kito diberkati di buley ramadhan nih.
Ambo tekkang molek. Hahahha.

Kito poso 29 hari jah deh buley nih, tinggal 27 hari lagi nok rayo, lamonyoh laa detik-detik berlalu.

Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan ke-52 lah kepada semua rakyat Malaysia.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Aku seekor kucing yang comel dan kiut

Friday, August 07, 2009


ok, secara realitinyo, aku still bersifat professional, tapi dale hati ni, ado laa siso-siso sero nok maroh, tapi bakpo pulok nok maroh? aku pun pelik, bia lah.

aku nih sebenarnyo seorang yang sangat dibenci oleh saeng2, hehehe, mungkin aku teruk kot, tokleh nok saloh ko ore, gak bia ah, nok wat gano, ado duo ore doh hok aku tau, delete aku dale facebook, hehehe, timo kasih laa.

tapi takpo, aku masih bersyukur ko allah kerano dio masih tinggal spare ko aku saeng hok baik2, ado laa dale 5, 6 ore. cukuk lah tu, nok banyok mano lagi? kalu banyok2 tok guno, xdok guno jugok. takdok gapo doh laa aku nok oyak, aku sangat tension lonih, aku ingat kalu mati bule poso nih best jugok, tapi aku buke laa alim sangat pon nok mati bule mulio, tapi takpo lah, doa jah laa, insyaallah.. amin

biaso lah ni, dugaey dari maha pencipta, aku keno sabar nga taboh menghadapinya, sebab aku pon banyok wat doso jugok, bia lah, nok wat gano, aku raso bersyukur pulok kerano allah still bbeno lagi katku, maknonyo dio still saye laa tuh, wallahualam. aku hidup di dunio nih kerano dio, semua bendo aku buat nih kerano dio, mati pon kerano dio, aku saye ko dio, tok lupo kepado kekasihnyo, dan jugo ibu bapok ku. pokcik2, mokcik2, adik2, abe2, kakok2, ingat sokmo lah ko Dio, nih sumo ujiye dio kepado kito, bukenyoh sokmo, nati ado laa gapo2 tuh untuk kito di dunio laen nati, tapi syarat laa, keno ingat sokmo ko dio deh?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Does anyone know how to change the email that I am currently using to log in to my blog?

Friday, July 17, 2009


Right now still sticking with 3 hours of flying + another 15 minutes

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Progress 4

Hello everybody, it seems that i will not longer being online after this, that 'no' doesn't mean that i will not be online-ing forever, but not as frequent as i have been doing for quite a while during the so called holiday.

This Monday, I will be starting the new phase of part in my studies, it is called CAA6, the toughest part you can ever imagine in the whole ground school syllabus. It usually takes 6 months. During these syllabus, our batch also will be doing as what we called a 'combo'; combining the class and flying, so that in the 5 working days in a week, there will be 3 days of classes, and 2 days of flying. The class starts from 0815-1700 on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Monday and Wednesday are flying days. I still don't have an idea when we are going to start our full-ground-school.

The subjects in CAA6 go as the number of the syllabus itself:


Nothing more can i hope beside praying and striving for the best. Guys, do pray for my success!

Friday, July 10, 2009


apa lagi yang ingin ku beri,
jika ia dibalas dengan paku,
dikala saat aku bersendiri,
hanya kesunyian menemani aku.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Progress 3

Well, it’s been a long time since I last updated about my progress here in APFT. I forgot to say that our batch are flying Piper Warrior II, pa-28-161. I have been flying for 3 times already so far; 1 hour for each sortie. There are 2 training areas provided to do our General Handling (GH) exercise. And so far I did the taxi, take-off, land the aircraft, and of course I did all these things with the assistance of my instructors.

For the first time I flew, I was feeling so excited, it is just became speechless, seeing your hometown under your feet and you started recognizing this place and that place. As for my Familiarization exercise, we operated around the Bachok training area which are divided into 3 sectors: 2 at inland and 1 at coastal. So after we were told about the training area, such as the border, the marker and so on, then we went to the second exercise which is Effect Of Control 1 (EOC1). Here we were demonstrated the effect of flight controls on how it will react if different way imposed on the control before we were given a chance to do it ourselves, hehe, that’s when you realized how best and enjoy flying is.
Usually for the early exercises hours, 2 cadets will be flying together, where for the first slot of the exercise will be flown by the first cadet and after he finished his hour up there then another cadet will replace his seat. Err, got what I want trying to say? Haha. That means they are exchanging seat up in the sky during the flight, well, it’s just fun.
Billion and Renaissance Hotel

The second time I flew which was 19 days after my first sortie, I know it’s a very long interval, but hey, what can I do? My sortie keep being cancelled, the reason? So many reasons to list, haha. Ok ok, on this sortie, I continued doing my EOC2 with the same instructor for my first sortie and also operated in Bachok. This where the time I started doing the engine start-up, taxi, and take-off, hehe, but something bad occurred during ‘after start checklist’, once I turned the ‘fuel pump Off’, the engine was dead, what the heck man? The instructor then stared deep inside my eyes just like a monster face who didn’t eat for a week, oh man, that moment was just too scary to visualize, arrghh. Why did the engine stopped? Because of my stupid careless mistake of forgetting to on/select the fuel tank, waaaaa. I can’t continue writing for this part anymore, haha. But to tell you, that instructor was very cool actually, we kept laughing up there, hearing his jokes was just fun, sharing stories and many more. There was this part where he asked me to follow him through his movement of the control, and suddenly he beat me hardly at my back while shouting at me, “who asked you to push the rudder to the left!?”, “No, I didn’t sir!” I fought him back. He laughed and said, “well, nothing”. What the heck? Haha.

The third sortie; Straight And Level 1 (SNL1) was the best sortie I ever had so far, because for both of my previous sorties, I was the first cadet to fly, so, my responsiblity is heavier than the second one, this is because I have to settle up all the checklists that take place during engine start-up; from preliminary check and up until cruising. So this time I was the second cadet to fly and being an observer for 1 hour before I replaced my friend to do the same exercise. There was this part where my friend unintentionally made jokes, and I was just kept laughing for 3 minutes up there, hahahahah. The joke was like this; when you want to turn your aircraft to any direction, it is your responsibility to make sure that the traffic is clear. For example you want to turn to the right, you will say like this; “right clear, front clear, left clear, right clear, turn to the right” if it is clear and only you turn to the right(it is important in flight, this is part of Airmanship, one of them is voicing out any check). But my friend, his one sounded like “right clear, front clear, left clear, right clear, turn to the left!, aikk? eh eh eh, turn to the right”. I, at the back was laughing crazily! Hahahaha.
Final to land

That’s all for now, got a lot more to write, but then I’m feeling so lazy. See you then, a very long and far way to go…

Dear Friends

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


aku fly ari ni, hehehhehehe

Monday, June 01, 2009

Wat gapo?


Monday, May 18, 2009



Sunday, May 17, 2009


weh korang perasan tak aku kalo post, sekali mesti 2 3, sebab apa?

sebab masa tuu je modd datang...

Progress 2

Ok, since I left my last post about my progress here in APFT, I want to tell you what has been going on in the mean time. After finished my PPL exam; Private Pilot License (ground school). We moved to the new syllabus of the studies, which was DCAT; Department of Civil Aviation-Technical. Basically, we learned more detail about the Principal of Flight and Engines. Here are the lists of the subjects in DCAT:


Same to the PPL, the passing mark is 75% each, but we were not struggling to just pass this test, most of us aimed 100, haha. Nothing much to share, I am slowly get use to the life here, eat lots, less exercise, guess what happens? Most of my relative and friends tell me that I am looked chubby, oh shit! Haha.

The result is not announced yet, I am waiting for it patiently.

On 9th April, my-first-junior-batch (Batch 23) registered in the school. On that time I was having a gastric! Pity me, so I was just sleeping all day in my room. So
I was not able to make myself visible at that night to see them being inducted, the so called ice breaking session.
Most people in the batch is 1990 boys, their batch has one more extra cadet. Weird? I do not think so

I am having a holiday from 15th – 23rd of this month. Nothing to do though. Just after this holiday finished, we will be having a ‘type tech conversion’ class at the hangar of the APFT. The class will be held for 3 days, we will be learning about the plane that we are going to fly, which I am positively sure that it will be the Eagle 150B; the semi-fighter aircraft, haha. i actually do prefer to fly Piper
Eagle 150B

Piper Warrior

So after finishing those classes we will be seating for ‘type tech’ exam. After we passed that test then only we will be flying. It is sorted according to the no of your name in the registry. Like mine is on 15, so I will be the 15th person to fly, oh shit, what is taking it so long huh?

I will upload some of the videos of my flying then (if just someone is 'brave' enough to record me flying) hehe.

Wish me all the best yaa


Salam. Gua sekarang ni berasa serba salah, kerja di rumah yang bertimbun, duit yang tiada, hati yang berat, dan macam2 perasaan negatif yang berkaitan dengannya.

Member rapat gua ajak gua p KL, tapi gua xde duit, hutang dia pun gua xlangsaikan lagi, ni kan nk p KL. adeh.

Gua nk jugak p KL jumpa diorang, ye laa, sekolah baru gua susah nk dpt cuti, macam sial je, ni laa cuti plg lama, iaitu seminggu. Lepas nix tau laa ada cuti lagi ke x.
Nk wat cmner da gua yg pilih jln ni.

Gua sebenarnya berbelah bagi, kt rumah gua, hanya ada mak bapak gua, kakak ipar gua. Abg gua p keje, akak ipar gua baru je beranak anak kedua, so anak sulung dia xda org nk jaga laa kalo bapak dia p keje. Mak bapak gua plak, kesihatannya tak memberangsangkan sangst.

So, apa pandangan saudara saudari tentang ini? hehehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


alhamdulillah DCAT exam lepas sudey.
dari sekarang gua cuti, yeehaaa.
apa nk buat ye?

Friday, May 01, 2009


DCAT ada dalam 11 hari je lagi..

takut? naaah..
rilek2 sudey..



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doktor lagi?

hari ni gua sakit lagi,
sakit hati laa pulak,
semua orang lari dari gua,
gua keseorangan,
tapi kalau gua ada benda 'tu',
mesti orang datang kt gua.
gua sedar gua banyak bodoh,
otak talak pikap.

nak keluar pun tak boleh,
adoi, sakitnya
nak study tak masuk,
exam sebulan lagi,
macam mana ye.
takpa, gua masih boleh control,
control muka nerd gua,
walau hati da sakit.


tips dia, gua rasa gua da dapat discover. just mind ur own business, be selfish je, dont care laa about other people.. haaa

Monday, March 30, 2009

Doktor dan sesiapa

wahai doktor dan sesiapa, tolong gua, gua manusia pelik.

-rambat gua banyak uban
-gua cepat berpeluh walaupun tidak berbuat apa-apa
-tubuh gua cepat panas dan mengeluarkan peluh
-gua tiada stamina dan cepat letih
-selalu kembung perut
-gastrik yang kerap

adakah mati pucuk? waaaaaa

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Tuhan kasi aku jasad siap dengan bayang - bayang,
Bukan ke lebih beruntung daripada tiang,
Berdiri tanpa roh malam & siang...

Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Kerja dah best keluarga pun dah senang,
Negara pun dah aman tidak lagi hidup berdagang,
Takkan lima minit lima waktu aku tak boleh luang....

Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Tuhan kasi otak supaya aku tak bangang,
Tuhan kasi ilmu boleh fikir susah senang,
Tuhan kasi nikmat kenapa aku tak kenang...

Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Main bola aku sanggup sampai petang,
Beli tiket konsert aku sanggup beratur panjang,
Apa la aku ingat masuk syurga boleh hutang...?

Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Aku kena ingat umur Kita bukannya panjang,
Pagi Kita sihat petang boleh kejang,
Nanti dalam kubur kena balun sorang - sorang....

Apasal la aku malas sembahyang,
Siksa neraka Cuba la aku bayang,
Perjalanan akhirat memang terlalu panjang,
Janji Allah Taala akan tertunai tak siapa bolehHalang!!!

Renung2kan Dan Selamat BeramaL!!...
Yang BAIK itu dari ALLAH,
Yang BURUK tuh Dari kite sume arrr.....

aku pau ini daripada sini

Friday, March 27, 2009

Progress 1

Lesen SPL (Student Pilot License) gua

As promised, now I come back bringing you the stories on what happened during those days here in APFT. I just finished the PPL Examination on last Thursday, and I found it’s quite difficult for few subjects and I can expect the result already. Many people asking me how’s my life here, especially those who will be enrolling here in the next batch after mine.

The first day, After assembled at KB Airport, we were brought to the ‘Crew Residence’ (Crew) where we are going to stay in the next 18 months (hopefully). It’s really nice, a small villa with 6 rooms, 2 toilets, and 2 bathrooms. Not to mention, it does have an air-conditioner and refrigerator too. Anyone of us will occupy one of the rooms.

After finished registration here, we were brought to the nearby mini market to buy some stuff, groceries and many more by the bus provided by APFT.
After having our dinner we were called by seniors to assemble in front of the café in Crew for ice-breaking session. There were also some of the instructors there making themselves possible for a while.
Kawasan hostel gua

On that night, we have to introduce ourselves telling them a little bit about us, where do us come from, why do you want to be a pilot and the last one you yourself must choose what to do between singing, joking, and dancing. Hahaha. As for me I sang Mawi’s song, really didn’t have any idea on what song to sing that night. Those who didn’t have their hair-cut no. 3 will be be cut that night by ‘professional barber’ from APFT, hehehe. I already had my hair-cut no. 2 the night before I entered.

So, there were few regulations here for us junior, we have to be in office attire which wearing long-sleeve shirt, slack, tie, black shoes all the time we go to the café (what the heck!?). but then it was just effective for 2-3 days only, hahaha.
Hostel gua

Now me move to the daily-schedule. the bus that take you to the Airport have its own schedule. if I’m not mistaken there are about 5 trips per day. So the ground classes for PPL will start at 0715 and finish at 1545; so to be summarized: You have to wake up as early as 6, as for me I wake up at 0530 because I’m the sort of person who spend very long time in the bathroom, ahahha. After finished bathing, praying and so on I’ll have my breakfast at the café, (to tell you this, foods provided here is really delicious and tasty. The chickens come in a big size too).

At 0645 sharp the bus will depart, so you better be in the bus as early as possible, otherwise you will not have your seat and have to stay stand for about 10 minutes before reaching the airport, hehehe. Usually the cadets will enter the school via the main KB terminal airport which require you to pass the security check.

But for the past few weeks, we were no longer using that way, we can just straightly enter the APFT building from outside, I don’t know why this happen, but there are the pros and cons. For me the privilege to show off at the airport has been pulled, hahaha. But it is much easier compared to lining-up everyday for the security check and a long-walk to get to the school.

The Gound School for PPL consists of 7 periods per day for 13 days. Sometime the class even held during weekend, so you just have one-day holiday. This schedule covered 9 subjects which is consist of:


See, to cover this within less than 3 weeks is really tough for a guy like me, I’m not like the rest of my batchmates where some of them already have a degree in overseas, from SBP, from MRSM and many more. I am the one who have the lowest qualification after all. I hope I can finish this course. Amin.

Talking about the disciplines. The disciplines here are very tight! You have to be punctual, let say you miss the morning bus that take you to the airport, you will be considered absent. One day you absent the class, you will be called by the principal and the chance for you to be grounded is high, trust me, I am not lying. My friend who had been caught sleeping the class was forced to make a mini-100m-marathon-run at the apron, hahaha. And you have to greet the instructors every time you meet them, otherwise there will be ‘something’ for you, hahaha. This is to train us to be a discipline pilot.

We also have a parade every Sunday and Thursday at 1230, it’s damn hot you know, my face has become ‘fried’ already, but it’s ok, it’s good by the way, to train you to be a discipline person. On that parade, we will sing our National Anthem and a few speeches by the instructors, just like an assembly we used to be in during schooldays, instead of being in the hall, we are standing in the middle of the day accompanied by the HOT weather. It’s nice by the way, as I love Marching. Hui. Apekah?

Ever wondered why pilot’s salary is very expensive? I think you know. hehe

Forgot to mention, I have passed my PPL Exam, Alhamdulillah
Ready for DCAT!

So, that’s all for now, any doubt? Hahaha

Dear juniors, I am waiting for you. Hahaha

Friday, February 27, 2009


hallo.. its been quite a while since last update. but its ok, im just fine. but not my mind, im tension, stress, and many more, you name it. life here is so exhausting. waking up at 0530 and going back at 1700, arrgghh. tomorrow i got a 'minor' test for Navigation subject, dont know how far i can go. saturday also got class

the facilities provided here is excellent, the instructors for ground school are also very good, but the management.. hmmmmm..

i'll post the detail of my life started from the registration day until i finish my PPL Exam after i finish it. oo, forgot to mention, i only have 3 weeks to cover 9 subjects and this 12th Mac i'll b seating for PPL Exam.. lalalala..

thnx a lot for those who dropped by to my page and especially to those who always wish me.

all the best to you too

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

APFT! here i come! 23/09

besok register masuk sekolah baru.. xtau laa suasana macam mana, tetapi saya pasti berkat doa anda dan doa saya sendiri dan juga doa ibu-bapa saya, insyaallah semua akan berjalan dengan lancar..

kepada aspiring pilots, jangan berputus asa! kejarlah cita-cita anda whatever it takes! selalu berdoa kepada Allah, nescaya Dia akan tolong..

remember, its all about time!

akhir kata dari saya..

selamat maju jaya..
doakan saya..
maafkan saya..
dan semoga kamu semua akan berjaya..


Friday, February 13, 2009

Nenek Ko Itam?

hari ini aku ingin bercerita sedikit mengenai nenek..
korang sayang tak nenek korang?

tak kira la nenek ko gemok ke, itam ke, putih ke, majenta ke, mereka adalah nenek kita...

so, sebagai penutup, sayangilah nenek anda..

*post mengenai datuk akan dibuat nanti.. tunggu..


weh weh weh weh pembaca blog ku sekalian.. korang rasa ok ke nama blog baru aku nih?

nama nih dibuat berdasarkan perjalanan yang aku ambil untuk mencapai cita-cita aku untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang..

sekarang nih dalam flight, dan destinasinya adalah destinasi di mana ia adalah cita-cita ku.. kalo korang rasa ok ke atau ada apa-apa cadangan lain, korang taukan ada slot komen kt bawah tuu.. tinggalkan komen anda dibawah tuu.. hehehehhe

ye aku tau aku poyo, nanti aku berubah.. haha

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pengsan @ Steady?

hmmm.. semalam.. gua pergi cari kedai nak beli uniform pilot gua, uniform tambahan laa kan.. abes tuh, gua pun pi laa cari kt Kamdar, sebab khabarnya kt sana murah, about rm30 or so laa.. setibanya gua di sana, gua hampa. kenapa? sebab habis daa.. jadi gua pun pi laa kt kedai berdekatan dengan niat nak tempah la baju tuh lebih kurang 2 helai lagi.. deng deng deng.. sampailah gua ke kedai 'Spark Manshop'. Spark Manshop nih kedai rasmi untuk buat uniform untuk pilot MAS..

jadi dengan berbekalkan persaan yang aku akan jadi pilot MAS suatu hari nanti(amin..) aku pun masuk la ke kedai tersebut.

org kedai : selamat tgh hari encik, boleh kami bantu?

aku : boleh, saya mau ukur itu baju pilot boleh?

org kedai : boleh, tapi cawangan sini tidak mempunyai sample untuk buat baju tersebut encik, apa kata jika encik pinjam dulu baju itu daripada sesiapa dan bawakan ke sini balik, jadi kita boleh buat satu fit untuk encik.

aku : okay, nanti saya ambik dengan member saya, agak-agaknya brapa harga untuk sehelai baju?

org kedai : ok, biasanya dalam 7 atau 8, tapi 6 pn boleh, kita tengok atas material laa

aku : oo, rm70 atau rm80 la?

org kedai : rm600 encik, kami ada potongan jika encik membuat satu set sekali dengan seluar, kami boleh bagi rm800.

aku : oooooo.. OK!

kesudahannya terpulang pada perasaan anda, yakinlah dengan perasaan anda

1st Time??

12 benci + 1 SUKA
Yeah2.. as tagged by syah.. adoi.. this is my first time ever kena tag! Haha.. jum kita tgk..

1. Sangat benci jika hidung aku tersumbat, rasa macam nk belah je hidung tuh. Kalau bercakap pun bunyi sengau.

2. Sangat benci jika baju atau seluar yang aku pakai tak fit ngan aku, besar ataupun terlalu kecik, ia akan membuatkan aku kelihatan macam badut.

3. Sangat benci nak mandi, terutama apabila combo mandi ngan berak. Aku pasti ia akan mengambil masa yang lama di dalam jamban.

4. Sangat benci kalau orang itu kantoi buat invisible hanya kt nama aku dalam YM.

5. Sangat benci kalau orang tak balas sms aku dan tak angkat call aku tanpa sebab.

6. Sangat benci kalau orang itu tidak dapat menerima hakikat tentang kesalahan yang dibuat oleh dirinya.

7. Sangat benci kalau orang itu asyik duk cakap pasai politik.

8. Sangat benci kalau bilik aku tiba2 banyak nyamuk.

9. Sangat benci kalau orang itu menyamakan kebodohannya dengan kebodohan aku.

10. Sangat benci kalau orang hisap rokok tak ajak aku sekali.

11. Sangat benci pada diri aku kerana tidak dapat memenuhi tanggungjawab aku sebagai seorang hamba kepadaNya.

12. Sangat benci kepada SETAN dan ISRAEL!

13. Sangat suka apa-apa yang berkaitan dengan bidang penerbangan awam. Heee

Aku nak tag sesiapa yang pernah meninggalkan mesej dalam shoutbox aku.. heeee..
Aliyn, Annaheim, Errol.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Adakah aku yang pening?

dah dah, takde dah emo-emo lagi, adoi..
thanx semua yang beri advice..

hari ini aku enjoy almost 3 jam baca blog sorang cabin crew ni..
dia keje ngan airline pak arab sana la..
best gak dengar dia pot pet..

diselitkan juga kehidupan aviation crews..
not all, but most laa..

try read this.. really meaningful.. sent by one of my followers.. thnx!

Life is like a PIANO:

White keys : happiness
Black keys : sadness

But as you go through life's journey,
remember that the black keys make music too..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Takdir yang pening atau dugaan yang silap?

jika aku seorang juruterbang...
mesti ramai yang akan dengar kata aku

jika aku seorang juruterbang...
mesti ramai orang nak berkawan dengan aku

jika aku seorang juruterbang...
mesti berpusu-pusu orang ingin menemui dan mengenali aku

jika aku seorang juruterbang...
mesti aku tak perlu nak jadi emo fikir pasal kehidupan aku yang sepi ini

jika aku seorang juruterbang...
pastinya segala kebaikan akan dapat dilihat

tapi hakikatnya... aku bukan, bukan dan bukan seorang juruterbang...
aku hanyalah seorang manusia yang hina, berjiwa kusut dan emo
jadi aku hanya dapat berkhayal dan berserah kepadaNya

*oh ye, aku x expect any comment for this post, sebab aku anggap iainya sebagai salah satu entri dalam diari aku

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Takdir yang silap atau dugaan yang pening?

adoi.. APFT nih memang laa wat aku marah,

1st - byk laa plak dia pnya additional fees, xcukup dengan apa yg ditanggung oleh MARA.
2nd - byk sgt ralat dalam 'agreement' document. ade ke patut? adoi.
3rd - disebabkan banyak ralat dalam agreement tuh sekaligus membuatkan aku pening.
4th - dlu uniform dia bg, sekarang kena wt sendiri dah.
5th - hari tu ckp agreement anta masa registration day, lepas tuh kene post blk plak dah.

see, this is what i called as 'pre-stress' in order to enroll myself in this "belit-belit" punya flying school.


adoi.. aku demam daa.. agak kuat juga.. tapi masih boleh bertahan untuk chatting dan untuk menaip post ini.. not to mention, i just got back from hanging out with a best fren of mine aka senior-to-be in APFT, zaeem. tak tau laa kenapa, masa tido tadi asyik dk mimpikan pasai French Toast jaa, tuh pasai malam ni kuar.. last-last duit xcukup, kena lupakan jugak laa nk order french toast.. Thick Toast pn ok kan?

*sebenarnya kan.. aku demam lagi ni.. adoi

weh share laa, apa yg korang buat masa korang rasa down?? aku tatoot laa..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Terima Kasih

waah, sungguh tidak kusangka, blog aku yang boring ini telah bertambah 'followers'.. terima kasih ku ucapkan..



Friday, January 30, 2009

Pilot's Life

enjoy this dear loyal readers...

best kan life mcm ni, pi melancong, blk keje, anak sambut, perrgghh.. xsaba nk kahwin.. hahaha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pernahkah anda?

Lokasi : di sebuah pusat membeli-belah terkemuka di Kelantan

Waktu : lebih kurang pukul 1730

Watak : Aku, Jemey, Meru, Kimi aka Jejaka

beginilah serba sedikit mengenai latar nya...

sedang aku bercakap-cakap dengan 2 orang lagi member aku sambil berjalan menaiki ke tingkat 4, aku terserempak dengan seorang jejaka dalam perjalanan turun ke tingkat bawah, lalu dia menyapa aku..

Jejaka : weh Paih, lamo tok jupo

Aku : haa Marwan!, lamo tok jupo, koho tinggi mung lonih deh?

*didapati muka jejaka tersebut berubah seperti lalat kepeningan....
tetapi perbualan diteruskan juga tanpa sebarang syak wasangka...

Jejaka : jolo ko koho tinggi? aku sero biaso jah. mung blaja mano lonih?

Aku : tok blaja doh, baru jah quit uitm...

Jejaka : ooo...

*jejaka tersebut juga member kepada Jemey, dan mereka juga bertegur sapa dalam keadaan yang pening...
setelah selesai, kami menaiki ke tingkat 4. lantas...

Jemey : weh, sapo takdih tuh eh? aku tok brapo ingat la

Aku : bengom baso nih, Marwan tuh, hok ore gelar ko mok dio 'aduh' maso darjah 5, tok key la mung tok ingat, dasyat mung(dengan perasaan penuh yakin)..

Jemey : aku sero buke Marwan tuh, buke ko kito ado jupo nga Marwan maso nok gi jamming dulu, dio key gemuk2 dh sikik..

*aku telah mula was-was, dan syak wasangka mula mencemburui kebenaran kata-kata Jemey...

Aku : eh, jolo la deh, kito jupo doh Marwan tahun lepah, abih tuh sapo eh takdih?

Jemey : tuh Kimi bengom!, hok tuisyen pelangi sekali nga kito maso form 2

Aku : waaaaa, saloh ore lah takdih??

*lantas perasaan malu mula menguasai diri dan menyuruh ku untuk membunuh diri, kerana diriku sangat malu untuk hidup...

moralnya, jangan la sebut nama orang tersebut jika anda tidak betul-betul mengecamnya, kerana kelak ia akan memalukan kamu. sekian...


by Bunkface

Diskriminasi menjatuhkan aku
Reputasi kini menjadi bisu
Dan aku


Di situ mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
Itulah impian aku

Bila kau menghilang
Musnahlah musnah impian
Untuk menggapai bintang TERANGI HIDUPKU
Dalam ingatanku


Kerna diri ini tak daya lagi
Menempuh hidup yang kutemui
Dan aku


Di situ
Mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
Itulah impian aku,

Bila kau menghilang
Musnahlah musnah impian
Untuk menggapai bintang TERANGI HIDUPKU
Dalam ingatanku

lagu ini adalah lagu peberet gua sejak 2 minggu yang lalu, dan ditujukan khas buat seseorang yg bermula dengan N, hehehehhe

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody, especially to chinese..

hope everything goes well

and together we live as one nation..


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aku Tidak Berapa Setuju

apakah tanggungjawab kita sebagai muslim untuk membela nasib masyarakat yang seagama dengan kita, yakni saudara kita yang secara kejamnya dibunuh dan diseksa di tanah palestin sana..

adakah kita dapat menolongnya?
dapatkah kita berperang untuk melindunginya?Justify Full
bilakah lagi kita mahu membuktikan dan berjihad untuk agama Allah ini?
sanggupkah kita menguji keberanian dan ketakutan kita untuk melawan pihak musuh?

aku pasti tak semua umat islam dapat menunaikan perkara diatas tuu..

jadi, kita ambil lah jihad yang paling mudah; boikotlah barangan Israel.. adakah itupun sangat susah? ye ia memang sedikit susah.. tapi sama-sama lah kita mencubanya..

kalau dah benda yang memang menjadi keperluan kita; seperti aku, aku menggunakan laptop yang mempunyai 'intel' di dalamnya, iye, ia adalah salah satu produk Israel, jadi ia memang sedikit susah..
adkah aku perlu membuangnya? membazir pulak namanya.. tak tahulah..

sama-samalah kita mencuba benda yang paling mudah, tapi yang pastinya, aku tidak memerlukan Starbucks, McD n KFC..
banyak lagi kedai-kedai standard yang laen.. Secret Recipe ke? Chicken Rice Shop ke? hehehe

ini adalah salah satu jihad aku, bagaimana dengan anda?
terpulanglah pada anda..

apa-apa pun layan laa video kat atas ni, best lagu dia..

marilah kita berdoa terhadap saudara-saudara kita di palestin sana, semoga Allah akan memakbulkan..
semoga juga, cahaya keamanan akan menjenguk...

Friday, January 23, 2009


tengah hari semalam, sedang asyik aku berguling-guling diatas katil, tiba-tiba...

ting-tong!, ting-tong!

aku pun terus bangkit dari katil dan menjenguk ke luar rumah.. ada postman laa pulak..
oitt.. ada bungkusan untuk aku, sapa yang anta ni? huish.. lepas sign surat itu, tengok betul-betul.
laa.. APFT rupanya, aku pun cepat-cepat laa bukak bungkusan itu, terdapat 4 dokumen didalamnya.. baca punya baca, surat agreement daa.. Alhamdulillah..

basic introduction

yang ni ada 2 copies, satu untuk aku dan satu lagi untuk APFT

crew residence's rules & regulations

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


once you dream to become a pilot, you must also dream of facing a big risk.
once you talk about risk, it is not only for safety risk, its a lot more than that.
once you started to apply to become a pilot, you have to make 'patient' as your best friend.
once you enrolled in flying school, you have to have spirit, dont ever let it go no matter how.
once you work, you must have all those things that i've mentioned above.

but then, its all up to Him. but we as His slave, just keep striving and praying.

keep them flying..

poyo kan? kan? kan?.. okay


sape suka politik angkat kening?

politik pada zaman sekarang agak banyak penyelewengan..

jadi, bagi mengelakkan aku diseleweng dan menjadi sewel, aku menjauhkan diri aku daripada politik..

bukan tak minat... tapi, tak minat laa.. tapi?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Medical Test

As requested by Shiro and as a sequel of this post, I want to share experience during the medical examination. It was on 18th December. I arrived at MAS Medical Centre by 8.30am as I was scheduled at 9.00am. I went into the MAS Complex B vicinity and greeted a cleaner there, asking him where is da direction to Medical Centre, but then he replied me in very weird language, I took about 5 minutes to clearly understand him. Hehe, yeah, he is Indonesian.

After struggling with my mind to hardly understand him, I once again asked one of the staff there, a woman, very nice woman and she showed me the direction to the medical centre. i arrived there, not to mention that the day was very hot, and I was a bit sweating and my face was a bit oily too. I was ‘shot’ by the receptionist during registration because I forgot to bring a pen, “hish.. macam mana nak jadi pilot nih, pen pun tak bawak”. I was just “err, pen terjatuh dalam kereta tadi puan, maaf ye” haha.. After registration, I took a seat. There were some people there, so then I greeted them, owh they were candidates for cabin crew post doing their medical test there. 2 of them were girls, perrgghh, what a hot chick, there wore a short skirt which made my adrenalin in my body moving very slowly while I was staring at them, and yes they were nice(I think that’s why they were chosen to be part of MH staff).

I then called by one of the staff to do the x-ray. When I first entered the x-ray room, I was once again being stone because the one who conducted the x-ray procedure was a very beautiful sister.. hehe (I’m very sure that MAS pilots keep themselves often to make an x-ray) she’s really beautiful and very nice too. She held my hand and positioned me in the right way during the x-ray, perrgghh, I never forgot her soft and fair skin. Hehe.. enough!

After x-ray, its been about half an hour for me to be called for the next test which comprises of Eye test, Audiogram test, Electrodiagram test, Urine test and lastly seeing the Doctor. The eye test was conducted both visually and through a machine which some part of the test looked like the test you took during obtaining your driving license; a colour test.

After done with me eye test it was an Audiogram test, the sound was fucking undetectable, I just barely couldn’t hear anything, but then I managed to pass the test when the nurse asked me to repeat the test again to obtain better graph. Hehehe. The nurse kept telling me “haishh, makcik letih betul laa dengan kamu ni Faiz”. Haha, sorry very much makcik oii.

MAS's pillow

After that, I was asked to sleep on the bed and few wires were placed on my body after the nurse put a little gel on some parts of my body. I was just imagine if the ‘x-ray sister’ did that to my body, for sure I would fail the test due to the fast beats of my heart, hehe. After that, the graph was out and its proved that I was a healthy boy, heee.

Urine test was the last test before I went to see the Doctor, it took quite a while to enter to the room to see the doctor. The movement of the number to the next number was about 45 minutes. I was holding number 5 where the current number was 3 on that time (with a simple calculation youll know how long it took me to be in the room).

Tinng! The indicator changed to ‘5’. I entered the room. And it was Dr. Darljit in the room. He was nice, asking me a lot of things regarding my dream to become a pilot, he asked me a lot of things concerning my healthy like ‘does your father have a heart-attack, this and that and this that’. And I just kept answering ‘No’. Meanwhile he just kept telling me; ‘Hmm good’,’ good boy’, ‘Hmm nice’ (something like that la, he was just too nice). He also analyzed back the graph result of the test that I sat before; eye test result , audiogram test result and etc. After about 15 minutes chit-chatted with him he asked me to sleep on the bed. He then checked my heart beat again, looked into my ear, checked my eyes with a flash light, checked tongue and tonsils. He asked me a lot asking me whether I had any disease on my reproductive system when he suddenly knocked both of my knees hardly and yeah I was shocked!, haha. He once again said ‘you are a very good boy’. After that, I woke up and went to his table to thanks him and he wished me all the best in pursuing my dream and took a paper (result) to be given to his assistant to issue a Medical Certificate for me.

After about 15 minutes waiting, Alhamdulillah I was issued with the Medical Certificate Class 1 with no limitations (for the time being la). Before I went out, I thanked the nurse who had helped me a lot during those test, she was just too kind. That’s all. Thanks for reading.

• The certificate is only valid for a year and has to be renewed upon doing each licenses (PPL, CPL, ATPL). Pilots below of the age of 40 years are checked annually whereas those above are checked six monthly.
• There were so many MH staff there, that’s why it took me very long time to finish. About 3 hours maybe.
• MH staff is the best!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Saturday, January 10, 2009

19 tahun 11 hari

hahaha.. jangan terkejut..

post aku ni sedikit tunggang langgang.. aku main tibai je.. depend pada kerajinan aku..
malam ni nampaknya sedikit rajin.. beberapa post telah diposkan sekali gus.. hahaha
maaf yee.. harap-harap anda enjoy..

takde ape2.. just nak say thanks for those who wished me happy besday 11 days ago..

as for my 19th besday, there were just many people who have wished me..
'many' tuh takdela banyak.. tapi ok laa.. ada improvement..

besday yang ke-18, lbh kurang 3 orang jer wish.. haha..

tp hadiah xdak.. waaaaa.. mana dia hadiah?
(demand nampak).. hehehe.. gurau je.. doa tuh lagi penting daripada hadiah


wish me luck in everything i do.. especially in pursuing my dream.. to become an AVIATOR!


Nokia N79

setibanya aku di rumah daripada Uitm pada 0430, khamis lalu...
berbekalkan satu semesta kesedihan.. aku melabuhkan diri aku diatas katil...
bangkit pada pukul 1100 lebih kurang.. ku bergegas untuk mendapatkannya...

- spesifikasi?

tp design?? HANCUSS....

mintak tolong pada sesiapa yang dapat mengajar aku macam mana nak setting GPS..

Streamyx ON!

setelah sekian lama menunggu internet di rumah ku stabil..

sekarang semua dah perfect.. laptop dh cantek.. wireless da ok.. line da laju..


jiwa dan tanganku masih juga malas nk update blog....

post ini sepatutnya dibuat lebih kurang sebulan yang lalu...

Mode mula bertukar..

aku dah ok dah skit..
dah recover skit daripada wabak sedih dan rindu..

aku tidak merancang.. malah aku juga tidak ingin..
tetapi air mata ku tetap berlinangan..


i'll b there again.. we'll meet someday.. maybe in flight.. InsyaAllah..

BS The Best!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Selamat Tinggal...

tanggal 06/01/09 adalah sebuah sejarah yang tidak akan mungkin terusik.. kerana.. itu adalah hari di mana setelah 19 tahun 7 hari aku dilahirkan.. aku keluar dating.. hehehe.. doakan kami ok?.. haha.. tapi biasa laa.. :suka: memang dipasangkan dengan :duka:..

tanggal 07/01/09 plak, tinggal lah sejuta kenangan yang pernah aku tempuhi di sini..
wahai kawan-kawanku.. belajarlah rajin-rajin..

aku sedih..


sedih sangat...

beginilah dunia, perpisahan sudah menjadi salah satu syarat bagi kita..

bangga dapat kenal dengan korang semua.. aku paling terharu masa korang sumer hantar aku kt beranda DAMAR tuh.. perrgghhh.. bergetar jiwa raga aku.. rasa macam star pn ada..

doakan aku kawan-kawan.. salam sejahtera.....