Friday, March 27, 2009

Progress 1

Lesen SPL (Student Pilot License) gua

As promised, now I come back bringing you the stories on what happened during those days here in APFT. I just finished the PPL Examination on last Thursday, and I found it’s quite difficult for few subjects and I can expect the result already. Many people asking me how’s my life here, especially those who will be enrolling here in the next batch after mine.

The first day, After assembled at KB Airport, we were brought to the ‘Crew Residence’ (Crew) where we are going to stay in the next 18 months (hopefully). It’s really nice, a small villa with 6 rooms, 2 toilets, and 2 bathrooms. Not to mention, it does have an air-conditioner and refrigerator too. Anyone of us will occupy one of the rooms.

After finished registration here, we were brought to the nearby mini market to buy some stuff, groceries and many more by the bus provided by APFT.
After having our dinner we were called by seniors to assemble in front of the café in Crew for ice-breaking session. There were also some of the instructors there making themselves possible for a while.
Kawasan hostel gua

On that night, we have to introduce ourselves telling them a little bit about us, where do us come from, why do you want to be a pilot and the last one you yourself must choose what to do between singing, joking, and dancing. Hahaha. As for me I sang Mawi’s song, really didn’t have any idea on what song to sing that night. Those who didn’t have their hair-cut no. 3 will be be cut that night by ‘professional barber’ from APFT, hehehe. I already had my hair-cut no. 2 the night before I entered.

So, there were few regulations here for us junior, we have to be in office attire which wearing long-sleeve shirt, slack, tie, black shoes all the time we go to the café (what the heck!?). but then it was just effective for 2-3 days only, hahaha.
Hostel gua

Now me move to the daily-schedule. the bus that take you to the Airport have its own schedule. if I’m not mistaken there are about 5 trips per day. So the ground classes for PPL will start at 0715 and finish at 1545; so to be summarized: You have to wake up as early as 6, as for me I wake up at 0530 because I’m the sort of person who spend very long time in the bathroom, ahahha. After finished bathing, praying and so on I’ll have my breakfast at the café, (to tell you this, foods provided here is really delicious and tasty. The chickens come in a big size too).

At 0645 sharp the bus will depart, so you better be in the bus as early as possible, otherwise you will not have your seat and have to stay stand for about 10 minutes before reaching the airport, hehehe. Usually the cadets will enter the school via the main KB terminal airport which require you to pass the security check.

But for the past few weeks, we were no longer using that way, we can just straightly enter the APFT building from outside, I don’t know why this happen, but there are the pros and cons. For me the privilege to show off at the airport has been pulled, hahaha. But it is much easier compared to lining-up everyday for the security check and a long-walk to get to the school.

The Gound School for PPL consists of 7 periods per day for 13 days. Sometime the class even held during weekend, so you just have one-day holiday. This schedule covered 9 subjects which is consist of:


See, to cover this within less than 3 weeks is really tough for a guy like me, I’m not like the rest of my batchmates where some of them already have a degree in overseas, from SBP, from MRSM and many more. I am the one who have the lowest qualification after all. I hope I can finish this course. Amin.

Talking about the disciplines. The disciplines here are very tight! You have to be punctual, let say you miss the morning bus that take you to the airport, you will be considered absent. One day you absent the class, you will be called by the principal and the chance for you to be grounded is high, trust me, I am not lying. My friend who had been caught sleeping the class was forced to make a mini-100m-marathon-run at the apron, hahaha. And you have to greet the instructors every time you meet them, otherwise there will be ‘something’ for you, hahaha. This is to train us to be a discipline pilot.

We also have a parade every Sunday and Thursday at 1230, it’s damn hot you know, my face has become ‘fried’ already, but it’s ok, it’s good by the way, to train you to be a discipline person. On that parade, we will sing our National Anthem and a few speeches by the instructors, just like an assembly we used to be in during schooldays, instead of being in the hall, we are standing in the middle of the day accompanied by the HOT weather. It’s nice by the way, as I love Marching. Hui. Apekah?

Ever wondered why pilot’s salary is very expensive? I think you know. hehe

Forgot to mention, I have passed my PPL Exam, Alhamdulillah
Ready for DCAT!

So, that’s all for now, any doubt? Hahaha

Dear juniors, I am waiting for you. Hahaha


Eddy said...

im coming soon bebeh!!.
wait fr me!!.
i usually dont read long postings but for u i'd make an exception.
well its worth reading knowing that u had a hard time in APFT.
food is nice? great!!!

annaheim said...

faiz did sounds very very happy there.good good(sambil mengangguk2).

cakap dah masuk nak belanja makan.bile bile bile.menunggu neh.

faiz.nasir said...

waaah, thanks laa kepada korang. hidup kt sini letih, letih sangat. tapi sebab nk capai cita-cita kan, kena laa hadapi. thnx 4 ur support

annaheim said...

letih tak letih.blanja tetap blanje.tiada la la.~!

faiz.nasir said...

ha ha ha, mai laa sinih, kita mkn cendol. laksa pn ada, amacam?

annaheim said...

nak sotong goreng tepung.haha.demand tak?

sleepyhead said...

looks like im the last person whois missing the new entry ;)

faiz not really a morning person uh? hahaha.

p/s:check ur email.kinda silly since it's 0345 am.
aku tak leh tido maa.

YourSecretAdmirer said...

faiz morning person?
idop mati 7 kali pown aku xcaye ahhahaha.
morning sickness maybe la.

faiz.nasir said...

tuu aah. kejutan buday siott.. kt u dulu kelas lewat2. xnak pergi pn xpe, just kirim sign. adeh.. hahaha

sleepyhead said...

idop mati 7 kali tak caye.haha

annaheim said...

eddy gilo.nok try sgt mati idop 7 kali tu.haha.~!

sleepyhead said...

alamak. ada seluar dan kemeja pilot la.
memang wajarlah takda pompuan kt apft.

faiz.nasir said...

hahaha.. kang nnt korang gantung benda lain, hahaha

sleepyhead said...

siot.benda2 lain tu gantung kt dalam lah.
maksudd aku,semua lelaki dlm uniform sexy la wei kecuali ko. hahaha.

faiz.nasir said...

aduh.. aku x sexy ke? T.T

sleepyhead said...

"sexy "= strangers.


LePaKPlaCe said...

glad to read all these things..finally i know wut happened to u for the last 1 and a half month..pheww..syukurlah ko masih hidup..hehehe.

faiz.nasir said...

ho laa.. tuh senyak sikik tuh.. heheh