Friday, February 27, 2009


hallo.. its been quite a while since last update. but its ok, im just fine. but not my mind, im tension, stress, and many more, you name it. life here is so exhausting. waking up at 0530 and going back at 1700, arrgghh. tomorrow i got a 'minor' test for Navigation subject, dont know how far i can go. saturday also got class

the facilities provided here is excellent, the instructors for ground school are also very good, but the management.. hmmmmm..

i'll post the detail of my life started from the registration day until i finish my PPL Exam after i finish it. oo, forgot to mention, i only have 3 weeks to cover 9 subjects and this 12th Mac i'll b seating for PPL Exam.. lalalala..

thnx a lot for those who dropped by to my page and especially to those who always wish me.

all the best to you too


Aliyn Amirah said...

weyh! ERK sokmo...
xpo2... c u later bebeh!

currentblogger said...

gud luck bro..kire nanti kalo gathering flydamnit ko x join r ni??huhu..kesorangan la aku nant