Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tolong aku weh, gilo malah molek laa sero. takdok semangat nok wat kijo. tolong~!!! kijo byk nh, paih, jadi rajin gak etek, pahtuh kato nok jadi pilot

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tadi aku drop by kt forum FlyLah kejap, dah lama sangat tak menjejakkan kaki di forum-forum ni lepas FlyDamnIt tutup. Kesian aku tengok budak-budak yang eager nak jadi pilot, tapi tak ada peluang lagi untuk mencapai cita-cita, mungkin rezeki belum tiba. Aku rasa bersyukur gila dengan apa yang aku ada sekarang ni. Tiada apa yang boleh aku tolong melainkan mendoakan yang terbaik buat mereka.

Ada laa satu view jugak aku nk share kat sini, Interview perlu dibuat seketat mungkin, that is the only way to differentiate the one who is really passionate dengan yang main-main je. Ni kate minat aviation, 737 pon tak kenai, macam mana tuh, at least you must have something regarding the field that you are obsessing of.

Ada yang aku tengok dalam forum tuh berfikiran matured, bagus-bagus, orang macam ini la yang kita nak, dan ada juga orang 'ni' yang suka tunjuk pandai, suka sound orang, padahal info dia salah, bajet je, aku kenal dia ni, dulu sebelum aku masuk flying academy pun dah berapa kali kena sound dengan dia, sabar je la.

I, myself took 1 year and 2 months of waiting before being enrolled to flying academy. Once again, thank god and ALL THE BEST TO ALL ASPIRING PILOTS! pokyi, keep praying and waiting, hahaah.


Ok dear readers, here is the progress of my flying. I stopped flying about 2 months ago, just before Ramadhan month, I managed to clock 4 hours and 45 minutes where the last exercise was Climb and Descend (CND1/2), just after Straight and Level (SNL1/2). I guess we will be continuing flying after we finished CAA2 which is in the next year, on February. A very long way to go...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fukk.. opps.. Full

Now, I am already moving to the full-ground school phase, where there is no more time for me to enjoy and relax (which it is just to show how eager i am to study, heheh). As usual the classes are full 5 working days starting from 0815-1700, got a lot of homework, and the presentations, the one that i hate most. I have been given 7 presentations to do, right now 3 were done already, thank god.

The presentations are consist of:

1. English
2. Meteorology - Tropical Atlantic Climatology
3. Meteorology - Pampero Winds
4. Instrument - EFIS
5. Radio Aids - ACARS, SATCOM
6. Radio Aids - CRT
7. Radio Aids -

We have been starting this syllabus since 12th July and going to end this up on 22nd and 23rd December, where the CAA6 exams will be on that day. With a simple calculation, you know how long that we have to struggle with our mental and physical. The CAA6 syllabus should be just around 3 months, well I, myself not sure why does it take so long, I guess it is for our own good. Yes, there are about 9 weeks before we are going to sit for the exam, the 9 weeks sounds like a long period for those who already well prepared, but for me, it seems quite fast. Wish me luck, because I can't afford to fail this exam, since the JAA syllabus will be starting anytime soon.

There is a new batch coming in this 23rd November. Our batch will be probably moving to the Ridel or Bungalows, it is not yet confirmed. Till then see ya.

Anyone knows what is the exact reason why all the Eagles aircraft are being grounded?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


aaahh, very long time not posting here... guess what? i'm struggling with the pressure and stress, yet, still i have plenty of time to be on facebook :)