Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fukk.. opps.. Full

Now, I am already moving to the full-ground school phase, where there is no more time for me to enjoy and relax (which it is just to show how eager i am to study, heheh). As usual the classes are full 5 working days starting from 0815-1700, got a lot of homework, and the presentations, the one that i hate most. I have been given 7 presentations to do, right now 3 were done already, thank god.

The presentations are consist of:

1. English
2. Meteorology - Tropical Atlantic Climatology
3. Meteorology - Pampero Winds
4. Instrument - EFIS
5. Radio Aids - ACARS, SATCOM
6. Radio Aids - CRT
7. Radio Aids -

We have been starting this syllabus since 12th July and going to end this up on 22nd and 23rd December, where the CAA6 exams will be on that day. With a simple calculation, you know how long that we have to struggle with our mental and physical. The CAA6 syllabus should be just around 3 months, well I, myself not sure why does it take so long, I guess it is for our own good. Yes, there are about 9 weeks before we are going to sit for the exam, the 9 weeks sounds like a long period for those who already well prepared, but for me, it seems quite fast. Wish me luck, because I can't afford to fail this exam, since the JAA syllabus will be starting anytime soon.

There is a new batch coming in this 23rd November. Our batch will be probably moving to the Ridel or Bungalows, it is not yet confirmed. Till then see ya.

Anyone knows what is the exact reason why all the Eagles aircraft are being grounded?


nad said...

wah all the best :)
blaja rajen2! hehe study ape2 pon susa, what more to achieve your dreams isnt? jia you :)

ps : thou x paham sgt ground wat so eva. yeah we in diff field. :p

faiz.nasir said...

ground school tuh mknanya sekolah di darat; belajar teori. kalo praktikal; terbang di atas awan, hehehe.
thnx for ur support nad, hope to know u better, :)

nad said...

oooo, means no more flying? for the mean time?
hehe nway keep struggle. for your own good. ceh, i nasihat org pandai. dr sndr x rajen. :p

hehe 1 day, 1 day. nway i x annoy u kan? ye la, since i asek2 keep viewing your blog n drop comment.

faiz.nasir said...

ish, x laa, tuh la sebab sy rs rjn sket nk update nh, sebelum xde cmment tuh yg rasa malas tuh, thnx k 4 ur support. u pn msti ada blog jgk kan? bk laa, hehe

nad said...

hehe bgs la rajen update. at least i knowww better about apft life. concerning someone :p
used to have one, but i da deleted blog pon. due to some reasons. nway tom is your off day isnt? kn jumaat? i br hbs my big examss! so gonna hv fun tonite n week ahead. cuti semgu :)

nway study okee? 8 weeks is not long. berusaha :)and take care.

nad said...

hey i didnt see any updates. busy huh? i tot today is your off day. or u guys pg enjoy last nite? LOL :o

anyway im freaking bored. haha kept onlining for hours, browsing here n there. bored bored. post exam is boringggg. LOL

faiz.nasir said...

not really, im just damn tired, and sleep all the day, hahaha.. about the updates? there is a lot of things that i want to share here, but not the time yet, since im feeling damn lazy.. kakaak

bie said...

hahah, i see. then have a good rest. since its your day off. make it to the fullest :)

nad said...

sorry typo error regarding the name. demn.

faiz.nasir said...

its ok, btw, really appreciate that u hv dropped by several times, thnx k