Saturday, July 18, 2009


Does anyone know how to change the email that I am currently using to log in to my blog?

Friday, July 17, 2009


Right now still sticking with 3 hours of flying + another 15 minutes

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Progress 4

Hello everybody, it seems that i will not longer being online after this, that 'no' doesn't mean that i will not be online-ing forever, but not as frequent as i have been doing for quite a while during the so called holiday.

This Monday, I will be starting the new phase of part in my studies, it is called CAA6, the toughest part you can ever imagine in the whole ground school syllabus. It usually takes 6 months. During these syllabus, our batch also will be doing as what we called a 'combo'; combining the class and flying, so that in the 5 working days in a week, there will be 3 days of classes, and 2 days of flying. The class starts from 0815-1700 on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Monday and Wednesday are flying days. I still don't have an idea when we are going to start our full-ground-school.

The subjects in CAA6 go as the number of the syllabus itself:


Nothing more can i hope beside praying and striving for the best. Guys, do pray for my success!

Friday, July 10, 2009


apa lagi yang ingin ku beri,
jika ia dibalas dengan paku,
dikala saat aku bersendiri,
hanya kesunyian menemani aku.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Progress 3

Well, it’s been a long time since I last updated about my progress here in APFT. I forgot to say that our batch are flying Piper Warrior II, pa-28-161. I have been flying for 3 times already so far; 1 hour for each sortie. There are 2 training areas provided to do our General Handling (GH) exercise. And so far I did the taxi, take-off, land the aircraft, and of course I did all these things with the assistance of my instructors.

For the first time I flew, I was feeling so excited, it is just became speechless, seeing your hometown under your feet and you started recognizing this place and that place. As for my Familiarization exercise, we operated around the Bachok training area which are divided into 3 sectors: 2 at inland and 1 at coastal. So after we were told about the training area, such as the border, the marker and so on, then we went to the second exercise which is Effect Of Control 1 (EOC1). Here we were demonstrated the effect of flight controls on how it will react if different way imposed on the control before we were given a chance to do it ourselves, hehe, that’s when you realized how best and enjoy flying is.
Usually for the early exercises hours, 2 cadets will be flying together, where for the first slot of the exercise will be flown by the first cadet and after he finished his hour up there then another cadet will replace his seat. Err, got what I want trying to say? Haha. That means they are exchanging seat up in the sky during the flight, well, it’s just fun.
Billion and Renaissance Hotel

The second time I flew which was 19 days after my first sortie, I know it’s a very long interval, but hey, what can I do? My sortie keep being cancelled, the reason? So many reasons to list, haha. Ok ok, on this sortie, I continued doing my EOC2 with the same instructor for my first sortie and also operated in Bachok. This where the time I started doing the engine start-up, taxi, and take-off, hehe, but something bad occurred during ‘after start checklist’, once I turned the ‘fuel pump Off’, the engine was dead, what the heck man? The instructor then stared deep inside my eyes just like a monster face who didn’t eat for a week, oh man, that moment was just too scary to visualize, arrghh. Why did the engine stopped? Because of my stupid careless mistake of forgetting to on/select the fuel tank, waaaaa. I can’t continue writing for this part anymore, haha. But to tell you, that instructor was very cool actually, we kept laughing up there, hearing his jokes was just fun, sharing stories and many more. There was this part where he asked me to follow him through his movement of the control, and suddenly he beat me hardly at my back while shouting at me, “who asked you to push the rudder to the left!?”, “No, I didn’t sir!” I fought him back. He laughed and said, “well, nothing”. What the heck? Haha.

The third sortie; Straight And Level 1 (SNL1) was the best sortie I ever had so far, because for both of my previous sorties, I was the first cadet to fly, so, my responsiblity is heavier than the second one, this is because I have to settle up all the checklists that take place during engine start-up; from preliminary check and up until cruising. So this time I was the second cadet to fly and being an observer for 1 hour before I replaced my friend to do the same exercise. There was this part where my friend unintentionally made jokes, and I was just kept laughing for 3 minutes up there, hahahahah. The joke was like this; when you want to turn your aircraft to any direction, it is your responsibility to make sure that the traffic is clear. For example you want to turn to the right, you will say like this; “right clear, front clear, left clear, right clear, turn to the right” if it is clear and only you turn to the right(it is important in flight, this is part of Airmanship, one of them is voicing out any check). But my friend, his one sounded like “right clear, front clear, left clear, right clear, turn to the left!, aikk? eh eh eh, turn to the right”. I, at the back was laughing crazily! Hahahaha.
Final to land

That’s all for now, got a lot more to write, but then I’m feeling so lazy. See you then, a very long and far way to go…

Dear Friends