Monday, December 21, 2009

Am I Still Like I Was?

It's been quite some time since I last updated my blog, today, the day seems cool with a little rain accompanying me in my bed, but suddenly I come across with a very sudden wake up call.

The CAA6 exam is just few days away, I am so worried about it, yet I can still be so lazy. I hope just after I posted this post, I am going to open some books to study, but my study moods is missing away, where are you? Don't worry, I'll find it and force it to be with me.

I just had a CPL exam, which is so called ATPL trial exam. Thank god, I managed to pass all those subjects, but for ATPL i think it's completely going to be a different story, sigh.

This Thursday, I'll make myself visible around KL as I am scheduled to renew my Medical certificate in Subang. Forgot to say, that I am now enjoying a-11-days holiday, when the holiday finish, I only have 7 days to prepare for my big exam.

Tuh jah laa kot, takdok gapo doh nok oyak, takut kaklos. Kalu fail hok nih gak berat laa


The Aviator said...

good luck paih!!
muggup la habis-habisan!!!

LePaKPlaCe said...

good luck la bro..

perulina said...

ae faiz...
u org mane arr??
loghat spesen.. :PP

faiz.nasir said...

nazmi : harap2 keluar laa mugup nyer, hehee... mugup pn xabes lagi ni..

errol : time kasih, harap2 allah sentiasa bersama aku laa untuk menjaga luck aku, :)

perulina : sayo ore kelate, hehehe, tuh loghat kelate laa tuh

perulina said...

haha..patut la...
org kelantan rupenyer,,