Monday, January 19, 2009

Medical Test

As requested by Shiro and as a sequel of this post, I want to share experience during the medical examination. It was on 18th December. I arrived at MAS Medical Centre by 8.30am as I was scheduled at 9.00am. I went into the MAS Complex B vicinity and greeted a cleaner there, asking him where is da direction to Medical Centre, but then he replied me in very weird language, I took about 5 minutes to clearly understand him. Hehe, yeah, he is Indonesian.

After struggling with my mind to hardly understand him, I once again asked one of the staff there, a woman, very nice woman and she showed me the direction to the medical centre. i arrived there, not to mention that the day was very hot, and I was a bit sweating and my face was a bit oily too. I was ‘shot’ by the receptionist during registration because I forgot to bring a pen, “hish.. macam mana nak jadi pilot nih, pen pun tak bawak”. I was just “err, pen terjatuh dalam kereta tadi puan, maaf ye” haha.. After registration, I took a seat. There were some people there, so then I greeted them, owh they were candidates for cabin crew post doing their medical test there. 2 of them were girls, perrgghh, what a hot chick, there wore a short skirt which made my adrenalin in my body moving very slowly while I was staring at them, and yes they were nice(I think that’s why they were chosen to be part of MH staff).

I then called by one of the staff to do the x-ray. When I first entered the x-ray room, I was once again being stone because the one who conducted the x-ray procedure was a very beautiful sister.. hehe (I’m very sure that MAS pilots keep themselves often to make an x-ray) she’s really beautiful and very nice too. She held my hand and positioned me in the right way during the x-ray, perrgghh, I never forgot her soft and fair skin. Hehe.. enough!

After x-ray, its been about half an hour for me to be called for the next test which comprises of Eye test, Audiogram test, Electrodiagram test, Urine test and lastly seeing the Doctor. The eye test was conducted both visually and through a machine which some part of the test looked like the test you took during obtaining your driving license; a colour test.

After done with me eye test it was an Audiogram test, the sound was fucking undetectable, I just barely couldn’t hear anything, but then I managed to pass the test when the nurse asked me to repeat the test again to obtain better graph. Hehehe. The nurse kept telling me “haishh, makcik letih betul laa dengan kamu ni Faiz”. Haha, sorry very much makcik oii.

MAS's pillow

After that, I was asked to sleep on the bed and few wires were placed on my body after the nurse put a little gel on some parts of my body. I was just imagine if the ‘x-ray sister’ did that to my body, for sure I would fail the test due to the fast beats of my heart, hehe. After that, the graph was out and its proved that I was a healthy boy, heee.

Urine test was the last test before I went to see the Doctor, it took quite a while to enter to the room to see the doctor. The movement of the number to the next number was about 45 minutes. I was holding number 5 where the current number was 3 on that time (with a simple calculation youll know how long it took me to be in the room).

Tinng! The indicator changed to ‘5’. I entered the room. And it was Dr. Darljit in the room. He was nice, asking me a lot of things regarding my dream to become a pilot, he asked me a lot of things concerning my healthy like ‘does your father have a heart-attack, this and that and this that’. And I just kept answering ‘No’. Meanwhile he just kept telling me; ‘Hmm good’,’ good boy’, ‘Hmm nice’ (something like that la, he was just too nice). He also analyzed back the graph result of the test that I sat before; eye test result , audiogram test result and etc. After about 15 minutes chit-chatted with him he asked me to sleep on the bed. He then checked my heart beat again, looked into my ear, checked my eyes with a flash light, checked tongue and tonsils. He asked me a lot asking me whether I had any disease on my reproductive system when he suddenly knocked both of my knees hardly and yeah I was shocked!, haha. He once again said ‘you are a very good boy’. After that, I woke up and went to his table to thanks him and he wished me all the best in pursuing my dream and took a paper (result) to be given to his assistant to issue a Medical Certificate for me.

After about 15 minutes waiting, Alhamdulillah I was issued with the Medical Certificate Class 1 with no limitations (for the time being la). Before I went out, I thanked the nurse who had helped me a lot during those test, she was just too kind. That’s all. Thanks for reading.

• The certificate is only valid for a year and has to be renewed upon doing each licenses (PPL, CPL, ATPL). Pilots below of the age of 40 years are checked annually whereas those above are checked six monthly.
• There were so many MH staff there, that’s why it took me very long time to finish. About 3 hours maybe.
• MH staff is the best!


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mak aih.part gatai x leh blah.ngan term adrenalin smua pon leh kuar ek...haha~!

faiz.nasir said...

haha.. betol lah.. mind explaining a little bit about adrenalin?

Anonymous said...

sori tumpang tanya:I'm also scheduled for this Feb 16 intake..but then until today belum receive any feedback from APFT regarding the uniform and so on..I'm a private student.btw when was your MAS interview?hopefully bleh reply to my email:

thanks bro...-Faizal HAdi

faiz.nasir said...

ok.. sent already

LePaKPlaCe said...

good job bro..detail hg nyer citer pasal medical..

btw..mber aku yg aku ckp tu pon lom ade feedback from apft pasal uniform etc..guane?

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and your font was like... normal. and this entry is funny.

/bad bad adrenaline hahaha

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bad bad adrenaline huh?


YourSecretAdmirer said...

faiz u sick pervert..
so u took my words and went for MAS medical center huh?
i told u the x-ray chick was hot.u exaggerated all over it when we discussed about it in ym rmmbr?
damn u saw FA's?u lucky horse..i only saw pregnant ones. =(.

did dr. daljit check ur 'u know what'?
dont be shy to tell us now..aaaaaaahahahah