Saturday, July 16, 2011

Turning Point

Last night should be my turning point of where my origin track changed to a new track, better one of course. I should be learning on how to understand people. I should understand the behavior of all people and of course especially the one around me. 

Last time, i faced a very high level of difficulties in understanding people, yeah you know, with some people who are in the category of 'annoying' 'perasan best' dan macam-macam lagi.

Tapi bukankah kita tiada hak dan kuasa yang secukupnya untuk mengubah mereka? at least for me laa, so I started thinking, if I can't change them, why not I change myself to suit with them, (also in a good way, of course).

Well, I took a quote from the Vlogging matluthfi90

"The world needs more positive people, perhaps the one like  you :D"


eZaT eLaNo said...

be positive and proactive k..
change to a better person is good..
luv ya loads..=))

the.dreamer said...

luv you too :)

i'm ezza haniza said...

i'm trying to be positive :)

Corrupting.Young.Minds said...

I like the quotation Faiz. I got to agree with you, extract good qualities. Request nak follow ni.

the.dreamer said...

i'm ezza haniza : yesss, well, if u think that a single step can't make a change to the world, think again. because a millions step still started with a single step :)

Saiful : yeahh, good to hear that, request granted, i'll b following u too.. wohoooo.. i've bought your words the other day, be thankful for what we have now :)

cl said...

ignore some of them, what we want is just knowledge. Somehow proved that you are better than them....sini pun sama asyik kena je..

Anonymous said...

if u cant change the world,
dont let the world change u..

Faiz Nasir said...

cl : kt "sini" tuh kat mana mksud u? haha. thanx, ambik yang jernih, buang yang keruh kan? ~

@anon : yeahhh, stand on your own belief~