Sunday, July 11, 2010


What have been happening all these days? haaa, aku for the first time dilamun cinta, hahaha, dan yang terakhir juga mungkin, aku saye sangat-sangat ko dio, dio pon aku harap saye jugok laa ko aku, hehehe, kalu tok dapat sms ko call ko daripado dio aku raso dunio nih gelap, sengsara, tak keruan dan mace-mace lagi, haihhh, ni lah kelemahae aku kalu dae saye kokre.

About my flying progress, I've been cleared for my first solo on 26th May 2010, thus I have my own callsign now, so far my progress is now stop at Nav 1, should be resuming Nav 2 tomorrow. So far I've found that flying is very interesting, promising that you are flying with a good instructor, hehehe.

Tomorrow also will be doing the Radio Telephony test, to allow me to go for my solo Nav, actually there are 3 solo checks, hahaha, the first one is Solo circuit, second one, Solo training area, and the third one, Solo navigation. Hmmm, I'm feeling a bit nervous as I'm now quite close with the PPL test, it should be just another a week or so, waaa, hope I'll manage to pass the test and rewarded a PPL, I plan to take my love for a ride once I obtained the PPL, hehehhe, it should be unforgettable one, haha.

Half of my batchmates were just moving to Terengganu, to our second base there, which means they will be finishing single engine flyings earlier than us, that one, I don't really care, but since they were gone, the environment changes, I feel quite bored, hopefully the rest of us who stuck in here will be moved there also, I just want to try the new environment, so that I can be exposed to the different places, views, and of course I can learn something new. 

That's all for now, can't help how much I miss her, seriously, now, other than being a slave of His, all I'm doing now is for the sake of her, I'll try my best, hopefully we'll come to an end of an unblessed relationship, I'll knot the tie between us, someday, insyaAllah.

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