Tuesday, July 27, 2010


PPL Test is just around the corner, and l still dont have any idea on how to face it. Now I have a problem that can be considered MAJOR. My hours written in my Flying logbook are mostly different with the one stored in the database. Haihhhhh, arrgghhhhh, it's gonna be a huge problem during the test, beside struggling between fail or pass, dead or alive.


eZaT eLaNo said...

Insyallah..u will pass n alive..doa+maye ajat byk wok deh..bulea penuh keberkatea nih..basha!!!

Anonymous said...

Semoga berjaya ==,

faiz.nasir said...

OH : terimo kasih awok, harap2 sumo ok, hehee

arni : bereh arni, thnx very much, will do my best