Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phenom on FB

Hmm, today I would like to touch on Facebook a little bit, as I'm getting addicted to it day by day. Facebook, I can say as; the platform where people are keep connecting with their friends from all the parts in this world, and not to mention where people expressing their feeling and their thoughts, like what some people do on a blog. But, on Facebook, instead of about 2,3 posts in a day like what a blogger does, it can reach up to 10 posts of their status a day.

People; like me, I like to use Facebook as a platform that I can keep updated with my friend's status, and also to update my friends about what I've been doing all day long. I hope that's alright. Furthermore, with Facebook I can re-connect with my long lost friends, teachers, lecturers and also my instructor, I've made a number of friends from Facebook, hope it'll last forever.

Sometimes, I feel it's good on how you can appreciate your life. As example, once login in a Facebook, you can see various of status been updated on that day, telling about what they have been experiencing and what they are thinking on a particular things.

I myself, sometimes, posting a status where it is a kind of critiscm and advice, yes, the advice is for myself and also to the one who concern. BUT, while we keep complaining: this and that, how people are bad, how this can be fixed and so forth, we sometime mislook on our own bad, seriously.

Yes, I understand that you're not satisfied with certain things, and you own your Facebook page and you deserve to do whatever you want, BUT, please do look on your ownself, before look ing on others, don't simply throw it all away, we are matured enough (as I consider the Facebookers are).

This is an advice for myself and those who bump into this post :).

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