Thursday, March 18, 2010


It’s been a very long time since I last updated about my progress, there have been a lot of things that took place in my life, one of them is realizing how I don’t even have a skill to fly.

On 23rd February 2010, I have finished all my ground school syllabus, and today the result for CAA2 exam is announced, really thankful to the god, I manage to pass both the subjects.

After finishing sitting for CAA2 exams, I have enjoyed a-11days-holiday. How did i spend it? hmmm, I'm afraid none of you can stand of how bored it was. But there was one of those days, I went to KUL on afternoon, and got back KBR on the late evening, there were jobs to be done, hmm.

taxying to the gate

DCA Putrajaya, where i got my job done

After about 8 months since I last touched the aircraft, on 14th March, last Sunday, i continued flying. I did revision on (CND1) and (SNL), it was just half an hour, and it was good too, get to do the RT and the take-off. Ok that is a lie, it was very bad actually, I found some difficulties in doing what I have been practicing on the ground, such as the procedures and so on, my bad.

Bachok training area

Yesterday, I did (CND2), where an exercise that expose you how to do base and final technique, this one worse than revision, haiyoyo, lucky the insttructor was in the good mood. I can’t even imagine myself being that instructor teaching a cadet who are like me;really sucks, haiyoyo. That was my first time went to Uban training are, hmm, quite a distance to reach the training area, took about 15minutes from WMKC.

Uban training area

On final, guess whose mini-mansion is that? on the right of our approach path, click to enlarge

I just had the Stall briefing, and will be continuing with Circuit briefing next week. So that hopefully all of us will be cleared for solo next months.

Can anybody tell me how a skill can be achieved?

Not to forget, Al-Fatihah to my senior.

Ok, that’s all, here are some pics to share, enjoy

Poso nazar pon ado 3 hari lagi nih, bilo laa nk perabih

Semak dok jejako bowoh ni? kkikikikiki


ziera said...

semak..semak,jejaka macho dlm pic 2.tobat x nipu

faiz.nasir said...


LePaKPlaCe said...

dear abe paih idola ambo..

mung fly molek2..
hok nak dapat skill tuh..
actually mung keno buak mental flying sokmo2..
airmanship penting kan.. so mung kecek sore2 pong xpo.. susah la kecek klate..

hang action la mcm tgh fly n say out semua airmanship tuh.. and memorize it by heart! recognize la picture masa climb cmna.. cruise cmna.. descend cmna.. aku rasa hang mesti dah tau kan..

all the best!.. rindu la nak fly..huhu

faiz.nasir said...

tau tau, tp mcm aku ckp kt atas tuh laa :

'I found some difficulties in doing what I have been practicing on the ground, such as the procedures and so on, my bad.'

hmm, berusaha, berdoa, dan bertawakkal kepada Allah je la