Saturday, February 06, 2010

I'm no longer alone, but not having someone either

As I was growing up, I thought
There surely are things that'll backfire on me but
I want to live on more tomorrow than I'm doing today

I wonder what people's desires are
We can't understand each other just from words so we get hurt and cry
The more you struggle, the more you'll wander alone

I'm no longer alone, I'm being changed by my dreams
Even the opposing winds are flying and laughing
Let's become one
Until that moment comes, it will be the proof of my courage
In this world which is constantly changing

It seems there's nothing at all inside reality but
Laughing with you, crying with you, I become myself again

Before I became strong, I kept rejecting encouragement
You watched over me so I could move on
I can see your goal and it's getting crowded

I'm no longer alone, I can have more freedom
I can throw away things like pride and doubts
Having the pleasure of someone by my side
I can finally understand that you must believe in people
Because I met you


eZaT eLaNo said...

pah next post letok hok jepong lok..

faiz.nasir said...

hahahaha, berigap..