Friday, February 05, 2010


Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? I hope that you all just fine. After almost a month finishing CAA6 exam, the result was announced lastly. Just after the week we sat for our CAA6 exam we directly continued to CAA2, and up until now, we have finished all the topics for both subjects. So once again, CAA2 means that there are only 2 subjects that we have to finish during this phase. They are :


After finishing this phase, we have successfully completed about 870 hours of theory classes of ground school, not to mention that we still have an OUM class to attend to, but I'm sure it'll not as burden as CAA6, as for CAA6; it is the highest pressure you will experience during ground school days. hehehe.

Ok, a little information about CAA2, we are studying the capabilities of DC-10 aircraft in many phases of flight. e.g. with a particular weight, how long the distance we need to get airborne, this speed, that speed limitations and so forth. As all of the things are in the form of the graph, so a great level of accuracy is really needed, otherwise, it might be wrong. You'll find all these things in Performance A.

Whilst, Loan and Balance is the subject where you need to make sure that the weight and the C of G (Centre of Gravity) of the aircraft within the limit or envelope. So any change of C of G will effect the aircraft, it is very important. But it's not that hard as I visualize, hahaha, referring to all the seniors, it is just easy as 123, once again, it's not me who telling you that, it's my seniors, haha.

Do pray for me, can't wait to touch the sky again.

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