Friday, November 28, 2008

first post

Primarily, I am yet neither a pilot nor a writer in the right sense of the word. Actually, I’ve made this blog to share a story about my life as a cadet pilot (soon, In Gods will). In the mean time, I will put any stories that I think very memorable which take parts in my life. I hope that you will read it, share your thoughts with me, with the intention that I could change my life towards a better life, and keep our mind opened. Feel free to do some links exchange with me, because I also love to hear any stories from you as well. Not to mention, I’m not so good in English so I’ll mix my writing in both Malay language and English, but I’ll try my best to keep it improved as this language is very important in our life nowadays especially on my future profession.

there is nothing to write actually, but since it is my responsible to take care on my own blog so i will contribute any form of update. hehe.

currently, i'm having my holiday at my house, what a very boring day. it was started since 17th November which is about 2 weeks ago. yes, i have finished my 3rd semester in UiTM Perak with sadness, this is because im not sure how is the result will looks like and would i be able to go to this place again next semester.

i am going to enter my new school next year, Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT).
the date scheduled is on 16th Feb 09, which is next year.
really scared+nervous+HAPPY.

Once again, any comments and responds are very welcomed.
wish me luck anyone!

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