Saturday, November 29, 2008

the boring day

it is very boring, boring, and boring every single day of my life, just like SOAD's song sounds ''the most loneliest day of my life'. hahaha. its true.

the weather is just like to keep raining all the day until it lead to flood somewhere in Kelantan.

i hope that these boring days will end up this month as im going to find job to fulfill my long-holiday until Feb next year, and also to gain experienced, and also not to just stay at house. at least i can go out seeing people around, seeing the movement of the moment around and to find someone to make wife also.. hahahah..


annaheim said...

hey,go n find some work la if boring.hehe...btw,sempat lagi die nak carik calon wife.haha~!

Shiro said...

Update la bro, baru ada citer menarik sket. pasal 777 operation ke. macam abang kuningherbie tu..hehehe

faiz777 said...

aku ingt nnt nk msk APFT br nk update laa.. hehe