Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Feel like writing something today, but no idea, the idea is just to keep this blog alive, haha. Hmm, life is quite wonderful, can't be any thankful enough to Allah. We should be realizing how wonderful life is, not until we left it. I'm sure, because, most of the people in this world, will start to appreciate something when it is missing.

So take a time out, list down what you have; your good health, your loved one around you, your belongings, your freedom and a lot more to list. 

Can you imagine how would your life be, when one of those is missing?


Anonymous said...

It's normal bro..people don't know a good thing till it's gone..


Faiz Nasir said...

thnx bro anon, with you keep commenting my post, giving me an interest to keep writing :)

beckpanda said...

I'm glad to know that everything is okay. Hope all those goodness keep coming and Paih maintain happy. Bereh?
Yes, people. Kita semua insan yang fana. Bilo mugo takdop baru la nok ggaga nyari. Tapi bilo lagu tu lah kito kaba and realized that semuan ini adalah pinjaman semata mata and Yang Esa bulih tarik anytime jah. It's just a matter of time. And by that point, we'll learn and in hoping for the next coming, we'll change and appreciate more.
Perngatan untuk diri Kak Beck jugop.

Cheers, Paih.

Faiz Nasir said...

thanks a lot kak beck, doa ko paih deh, im few steps closer to my long-life dream. doa deh? hehe, aminn

The Cockpit Diaries said...

takdok pun link =( *sobsob*