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After a very long while since I last wrote about my flying, here a little updates of it. It wasn’t my intention for not sharing my flying experience, but it just, I’ve been too lazy these days, hehehe.

Now, hours collected almost at the peak requirements for a single engine aircraft, required by DCA. Hehe, will be slotted for two tests before I am finishing solid 145:00 of single engine flying; consist of 49:00 of dual hours (flying with instructor) and the rest 96:00 of solo hours (including mutual flying).

Ok, to shed some lights for those who can’t call, what this is all about, I will summarize it.
In flight training, it is divided into 3 parts, to supply a pilot with a knowledge and skill in flying. They are :

1.       General Handling (GH)
2.       Instrument Flying (IF)
3.       Navigation (NAV)

GH, as the name implies, it is where you will be training the basic handling of aircraft like controlling, rolling, climbing, levelling, banking, turning, stalling, and etc. Not to include the most crucial part beside all these, which is; landingJ. It is all based on Visual, where you will be familiarized yourself with the fundamental of flying which is; datum attitude, it is, whether you fly a big jet or small piston aircraft, when the situation allow you to fly visual, that will be a main reference to you. Not to mention, also effect of control on the aircraftsJ. You also will be taught on how to perform a Force Landing if the engines goes kaput, LoL. There are several techniques to be learnt. Night Flying(NF) is also practiced. to expose you to darkside of the world, LoL. Well the judgement of doing something will be different in NF, having practicing this, you are then certified to fly at night!

IF, it is where you will be practicing flying based on Instrument inside the aircraft. To ‘plant’ a ‘belief’ towards the instrument inside the aircraft and of course a thorough understanding is compulsory. Those instrument, where the basic one is known ‘6 packs’, it’s not like a tummy with a 6 packs like you are imagining, LoL. It’s basic instrument that I can say follow a standard of arrangement in any cockpits. From left, we have Airspeed Indicator (ASI), Attitude Indicator (AI), Altimeter (ALT), and below ALT to the left, Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), Direction Indicator (DI), and lastly Turning Skid Indicator (TSI) below the ASI. See the pictures below.

basic 6 packs

basic 6 packs + nav aids intsruments

Still on IF, unlike driving a car, you can still maintain visual with the train ahead of you, and even if you can’t, you can drop by anywhere, for a coffee and a smoke while waiting for the visibilities improve. In advance learning of IF, we will be learning how to fly the aircraft, if the Visual Flight Rules cannot longer be obeyed. Let say, you are flying inside the clouds, where you have no idea. "where am I? How to get home?" and etc. I know it sounds creepy. But, that’s why, comes the Nav Aids, which i could say, a very great technology of helping and aiding a pilot and giving us an idea of where we are, heee. And the most common one being used around the world is VOR. There are a lot more besides VOR, consists of NDB, LOCATOR, and etc. So these Nav Aids will be helping you to fly the aircraft if outside visual is not contacted. It also can help you to make an approach and landing in a bad weather, PROMISING you have a good understanding of it!
WMKC VOR App Runway 10

I don’t plan to discuss more on IF, otherwise, you will end up suffering a headache! LoL. To continue with the next one which is NAV. Nothing much on this, beside that It is where you apply those previous 2 part of flying into one flight. But there will be also few techniques you will be learnt. The explanation on NAV will be based on VFR NAV. You are flying from WMKC(KBR)-WMKN(TGG). In order for you to fly to TGG, you have to have a full idea of how to get yourself to the destination you are going to. Thus, a good preparation will be so helpful. The preparations consist of a map reading knowledge, a well planned route marked on the map, the level, the terrain, Nav Log and etc. find out more here.
Flight plan

Unlike those, IFR NAV is an advance NAV, which i would say an Airways. Most of the airliners fly on the airway. Well you don’t really need a map, but you need an Airways Chart, and this is so called ‘an advance presentation of map’. It’s like a normal map, besides, it has some sort of connecting lines on it! Haha. Take a look on the top of this page, behind the ‘going.beyond.happiness’ header, that’s what we call an Airways Chart. The pictures actually belong to him, thank you very much, ike puyu pat samah. As for us, a single engine pilot, we don’t practice Airways, because most of the airways located high up on the sky, ranging from 10’000ft up to 60’000 ft (if’ I’m not mistaken)it’s only an imaginary line that is visible only on certain equipments like some radar inside our aircraft and Air Traffic Control Room. Ever wondered how do pilots fly during a night where you yourself do not have an idea on where you are if you stare out of the windows, but then tup tap tup tap (sounds of blinking of the eyes), there you are, safely landed! Alhamdulillah, hehe.

same will appear on radar screen :)

Hmm, having reaching this part, is a really critical part of me, haha. Yet, still there are more things left to learn and being mastered. And to be corrected by the experienced is really really appreciated!
For those youngsters out there, please, and please study hard. Things are getting harder and difficult nowadays, not to mention, very competitive too. You have to be outstanding by forcing yourself to be extraordinary person.

Kindly visit a friend of mine, to have a real picture of the training :)

Do pray for my tests ok peeps? Aminnnn ya Allah. InsyaAllah, next week, my callsign is no longer valid. and slowly moving to Twin Engine! Now also doing my Simulator training.


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