Friday, April 09, 2010


pening palo weyh mikir maso depey, dokse pikir kae, penting.. pikir kae, sakit palo..
dok reti weyh, doh laa puah ni, aku raso mace down gilo, even untuk bersuara among my friends..
life is not fair, is it? when you see some people, they are awarded with a great wealth and smart brain, not to mention good look too.. these kind of things really burdening me.. my stress level is very low i think, thus, im easily get stress.. but, doesnt matter how stress i am, still i find flying is an enjoyment~

and now, the 'chance' is coming again, this is the main source which my stress comes from. kalu apply kae tok dapat, lagi kuciwa, dok apply lagi bengong. tahun depe blom tentu ado, arggghhhhhh.. mace mano laa, bendo hok kito paling nok laa paling susoh nok dapat, entah dapat entah tidak, last-last endup, doing nothing. i don't know where is myself going to be put in the future.. i don't have the qualities to become one, why i'm choosing this way, the way that my not-so-clever-brain can't bear.. to finish this course itself is quite hard, chance becomes smaller, motivation is not there, hope is fading away, what remains here is only the feeling of not to dissapoint my loved one..

there are some people who claim what they are doing is correct, i don't think so. we are different, aren't we? you can't keep making people to like every single thing you do.. people keep showing how great they are, how powerful they are, not sure what is the purpose of doing so, i just think my rights as a human is just left tightly bonded in my mind..

i know, there will be no improvement if i just keep complaining about my life, but, hmmm.. i don't know.. i'm now having a conflict with myself.. i can't stand being hypocrit, forcing myself to like the things i don't, acting good to the person i won't.. i hope, i'm not dissapointing anyone, sorry if i have.. these are what a loser does..

not sure whether death is promising something better that what i am facing now, but im sure it's still not the right time to be called 'there', lots of things left uncovered. award me a good mind and health ya Allah, amin~, though these are all sound stressful, deep inside my heart, i'm appreciating every single things He gives me, and how He has been testing me.. it's just me who are too weak to bear with all these..

* this is what we define as 'stress', when the actual performance is much lesser than expected performance


Julia Syalina said...

hello paih!
u sound very stress up.
chill la kawan.
dun be to depressed.
i nk bg nsihat sket.
*xblh blah*
1st,u kne naikkan sket ur confidence level.
it seems dat u lack of confident.
masing2 ade kelebihan diorg.
n for sure,u pn ade kelebihan u sndri.
so,dun underestimate urself.
u have ur own thing n same with others.
be cool okay?
2nd thing,i know its hard to be an aviator.
and dats why u need to be strong.
xsume bnde senang.
n xsume bnde susah.
but as a human being,we need to have our confident and efforts to handle it.
dun worry paih.
u cn do it.
study smart.
fly safe.
land safe.
n ingt yang maha Satu, sume akan jd okay!
dun be too negative okay?
recharge some positive inside u.
jaga diri.
n dun be too stress up!
its not good for urself!

faiz.nasir said...

sob sob, rasa nak nangis pun ada baca ur comment, really useful, thnks a lot ju, u such a great friend though we never meet each other.. tuh laa pasal, my confidence level is extremely loww, how to increase eh? hahah.. thnx ju, will comply to wht have been adviced by u.. thnx, may god always bless u n ur family, amin

Julia Syalina said...

jgn la nangis.
xmacho la cmni.
malu la!
no problem.
xde hal la bro~
kwn alam maya pn kwn jugak kn.
insyaAllah,nnt suatu msa kita jumpe la.
mybe u should muhasabah diri kot.
n mybe u should be a competitor.
try to compare urself with others.
but dun underestimate urself.
if u rse ade yg ptut u ubah,ubahlah sket2.
ubah ke arah kebaikan org ckp.
slow2 la.
lama2,naiklah confidence level u.
like i said,think positive.
insyaAllah,u'll be okay.
thanks paih!
may Allah bless u n ur fmily n ur frens.
sng ckp,may Allah bless us always.

eZaT eLaNo said...

yep3..stuju sangat-mangat ngan juliasyalina...

hai julia*ceh..mcm nk ngorat lak kan..errkk..haha*

paih:lek2..idup hanya sekali..x beh la klu idop dale tenseeen jah..enjoy la la tensen2,koho byk key ubea tuh...chillex yep...ingat Allah sokmo..insya'allah..hati akey teneaaa jah..wlupon sayo pong duk tensen tahap dewa 19 doh gak,mmikir bendo hepi2,sero rilekk sket..pasal hoktu tuh..apply jah dlu..mano tawu buleh ko..rezeki masing2..doa nge tawakal..nawaitu betol..insyaallah..Allah tensen2 deh..
maju PAIH untuk negara..aminn~..

faiz.nasir said...

kakaka, ado ko maju paih untuk negaro, haha.. xpo lah, just gave myself a good rest, hope things will turn out better~ a very long way to go~

annaheim said...

ape ni paih,stress2 mmg camtu,kalau takde mende nak wat kite stress,selagi tu la kite dok kat level yang same..kena kuat sikit la paih,susah sikit jer skarang ni,esok2 insyaAllah senang.ingat msg pasai piano orang bagi dulu,the one with black and white keys?life mmg camtu la.just tingkatkan motivasi,confidence then insyaAllah smua okay.chill.;)


faiz.nasir said...

haaa, how come bley dok ingat piano tuh? ok ok, im better now, thnx kak anna, keh3

LePaKPlaCe said...

dear paih:

memandangkan aku abang.. so aku nak marah ko sket ni.. ko ni kan.. aku xtau nak ckp lagu mana dah.. btol ckp julia.. dont underestimate urself la bro.. nak ckp lebih kang ko emo lak.. jgn sedih2 k.. skali skale bangga diri sket xpe.. ko tuh cadet pilot apft.. bukan semua org bertuah mcm ko.


annaheim said...

u r welcome,paih!.yakin diri skek.paih buleh,malaysia buleh!

p/s:sengal jer errol letak courage kat last tu,tukang translate ka errol?haha.

LePaKPlaCe said...

haha.. xla anna.. kebetolan je.. kalo tgk citer flyboy.. before derunk terbang gi berperang.. masing2 ckp kt each other.. courage!!

perulina said...

if you are goin into a trouble,
time wont stop,
so dont ever try to go back to the past,
coz the time to do it has come,
be brave n face it :)'

(betulkah bahasa penjajah kuw?)