Saturday, January 23, 2010


Peace be upon everyone. I just had my big exam on 6th and 7th of January. Usually for the result to come out taking about 2 weeks or less, but as for our batch something different is to be expected, it is 3 weeks after the exam. It is not that I am over-confident or what, but waiting for the result is really painful, hmm.

A little bit overview during the exam. I was so careless on both easiest subjects; Flight Planning and Navigation. I hope that my-careless should not lead to a failure, because I always had a nightmare of being the only one failing Navigation in my class, oh no!

Nothing more to write actually, still waiting for the result on this 26th.


Aliyn Amirah said...

gud luck bebeh ! i knw u can do it !

faiz.nasir said...

but i myself dont know, lol. thnx aliyn~

eZaT eLaNo said...

gud lark yope..i'allah dpt rizak excllnt..amin..